Doubling the Scottish Child Payment

The Scottish Child Payment will be doubled from April next year.

More than 105,000 children will immediately benefit from the increased payment, which supports low income families with children aged under 6.

Emma Roddick, SNP MSP for the Highlands and Islands said:

“Doubling of the Scottish Child Payment is an absolutely needed step and one that will make such a difference in tackling child poverty.

“No family should have to struggle, it is vital to support children and give them a fair start to life.

“I am grateful to the First Minister and look forward to seeing all of the good that this will do”.

In Scotland there are a number of payments which are designed to mitigate against the worse effects of the UK Tory Government’s austerity agenda.

  • Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Payment
  • Early Learning Payment
  • School Age Payment
  • Best Start Foods.

The newly doubled Scottish Child Payment, together with the three Best Start Grant payments and Best Start Foods, could give families up to £8,400 by the time their first child turns 6. 

Ahead of extending the Scottish Child Payment to under 16s, the Scottish Government introduced bridging payments worth £520 a year which are being paid in 2021 and 2022 to provide immediate support to around 145,000 children and young people of school age.

The Scottish Child Payment will be doubled to £20 per week per child from April 2022.

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