Beethoven & Haydn #OnThisDay

On 12th of December 1792 Ludwig van Beethoven first started his lessons on musical composition from top guy of the day Franz Joseph Haydn.

Haydn had agreed to take on the young Beethoven as a pupil although he was busy with his own compositions and other pupils.

The teacher/pupil relationship didn’t last long.

Three years later Beethoven performed his newly composed three Piano Trios opus 1 in the salon of Prince Lichnowsky, an event at which Haydn was the guest of honour. He criticised his former pupil’s work. Beethoven was later to say:

“”I never learned anything from Haydn.” Beethoven and Haydn: their relationship

Link: Haydn and Beethoven

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  1. One, who is close to music may see many pupils almost cry learning Beethoven.
    Those are not online classes for everyone 🙂
    Today with hundred times more chances to be a great musician we need to pass a hard school at least 14 years.
    Masters and their pupils of that times are miracle.

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