Updated Guidance to Limit the Spread of #Omicron #Covid Variant in Scotland

As concern grows over the rapid increase in the omicron variant of Covid the Scottish Government is setting out new guidance and measures to take effect from midnight on Friday, 17th December.

Guidance has been updated on reducing social interaction at home or in indoor public places to a maximum of three households at any time, with everyone encouraged to take a lateral flow test before meeting.

This will also be updated guidance for visiting care homes – with no more than two households to visit a resident at a time – and in hospitals, with no more than two visitors at any time.

In all settings, people should take a lateral flow test before meeting.

Making the announcement today First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said:

“I am not asking anyone to ‘cancel’ Christmas – but in the run up to and in the immediate aftermath of Christmas, I am asking everyone to reduce as far as possible, and to a minimum, the contacts we have with people in other households. 

“We are asking everyone, and we will issue strong guidance to this effect, to cut down as far as possible the number of people outside our own households that we are interacting with just now. This will help break transmission chains.

“Turning to Christmas Day specifically – or Christmas Eve or Boxing Day or whenever you have your main family celebration – we are not asking you to cancel or change your plans, and we are not proposing limits on the size of household gatherings. Places of worship will also remain open, with appropriate mitigations. But we will issue guidance to help you make Christmas safer.

“Omicron will be especially concerning to people on the Highest Risk List – the Chief Medical Officer will be writing to all of you shortly with further advice and assurance.”

The Scottish Government has made available additional funding of £100 million to ensure the Self-Isolation Support Grant is available to those who need it, and a £100 million financial package for eligible businesses is to be made available. 

There is a rush on to get as many people vaccinated with their third booster jag in Scotland, but there are people who are unable to be vaccinated either because they are too young or because of their medical condition. It is, therefore, vital that we think of others.

Orkney Vaccinations

In Orkney 11,205 people (56.5%) of people aged 12 + years have had a booster.

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  1. We intend to stay safe.
    Mike isn’t going into work one day a week any longer. He’s only going among people to do the weekly shop.
    And I…..carry on staying at home, apart from going for walks. Our very own, self-inflicted lockdown. That’s the way to do it.

    I wrote this…..

    Putting The Pieces Together

    It’s not just jabs and booster
    It’s – facemasks & flow tests
    Keeping your distance & staying put.

    It’s not instant boosters to go to parties
    They don’t work that quick anyway.

    People aren’t putting the pieces together
    And there’s no vaccine against being selfish….
    Or acting stupid.

    BB December 2021

    And if anyone is offended by that – if the cap fits – wear it.
    Am I pissed off? Yes, I am – but needs must when the Covid drives.

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