By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

We parked by the Stenness Stones and walked round them….

Then along the path to Barnhouse……….

Back down the path, past where the Odin Stone used to stand, turned right and past the Watchstone…

Over the Brig O’ Brodgar, and along the path by Harray Loch.  Nipped up the bank ( how about a few steps there?) and across the road to lean over the gate and contemplate the site of the Ness of Brodgar – not allowed in until next summer! 

We looked across to the Hoy Hills being atmospheric…..

And noticed a fence post just to the left of the gate, which is a beauty….

Carried on to the proper place to cross the road, and then headed down and along the RSPB ‘birdy walk’ towards Stenness Loch where, after 15 years and gazillions of photos by Nick Card..….We finally saw a Stenness Loch otter!……And he’s a big one, too….

pic of otter

Or is it a bear?

Ate sandwiches on the bench looking across at Hoy and met some folk out with their dogs – makes my day to meet dogs ….and folk!

Up the path to, and round, the Ring of Brodgar…..

Down past the Comet Stone as the light was starting to go…..

Back along by Harray Loch in the gloaming, and saw the Standing Stones in the garden of Loch View, with accompanying planet….

Back to the car and home, where I lit candles – not a ‘thousand thousand’ Lucy lights https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/12/20/bringing-light-on-the-shortest-day/, but – a few.

Had Sunset Shepherd’s Pie for tea  https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/12/21/memories-of-an-avebury-pie/  ….

Our solstice pilgrimage. And now the light returns.

Fiat Lux.


ED’s Note : The Orkney News Livestreamed to Facebook the winter solstice on 21st of December 21 where you can watch the whole thing. Highlights can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.

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  1. As we lent over the gate looking to the site of the Ness we were thinking of the Neolithic folk there acknowledging the shortest day…..smells of cooking coming from the communal kitchen (aka Structure 12?)……Taking part in observances in the various structures – especially Structure 10?……Forming processions – maybe singing …chanting…..treading a solemn, or lively step?

    Picture it………….

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