“a great victory for People Power through the use of petitions and partnerships”

Orkney Islands Councillor Steve Sankey, Scottish Green Party, has expressed his ‘huge relief’ at the news of HIAL’s Remote Tower Procurement Cancelled

Steve Sankey said:

“Greens have been supporting the case for local air traffic control for lifeline services for several years now in Orkney ever since HIAL’s absurd centralised Air Traffic Management Scheme proposals emerged, along with employees, community groups, other political parties and Prospect the trade union.

“Why it has taken the Minister, Graeme Dey MSP, so long to listen to the cacophony of criticism from across the Highlands and Islands levelled at HIAL for persisting with this unpopular proposal is a mystery that only he can explain.

“His recent announcement is a great victory for People Power through the use of petitions and partnerships, and I’m just delighted and relieved that he’s finally got there in the end.

“This means that we can hopefully keep most of the 88 FTE jobs locally based and continue to benefit from the £18 million of multiplier effects to the island economies that these jobs generate.

“Even if HIAL has not yet formally abandoned its centralisation proposals it’s a great New Year present, and a very good start to 2022!”

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