‘Like A Bat Out Of Hell’

By Bernie Bell

‘Meatloaf’ has passed from this life…..I’d say ‘Rest in peace’ – but I’m not sure he’d want to !

Memories come flooding back – my sister being worried that her teenage daughter knew the words to ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ – including – “We’re gonna go all the way tonight.”!

Dancing to ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ at my Hells Angel nephew’s wedding party.

Meatloaf and Cher – a bizarre pairing – singing ‘Dead Ringer for Love’…..

And – the man himself as Eddie in ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’.

Hot patootie – Bless my soul!

MEATLOAF performs his Magic at the Great Woods Performing Art Center- Mansfield Ma 1995 by Eric L. Johnson Photography

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