Papdale Halls of Residence

OIC statement – Papdale Halls of Residence

A concerning situation has arisen at the Papdale Halls of Residence which is now the subject of a Police investigation.

Here is the full statement from Police Scotland:

“Police Scotland officers are liaising with NHS Orkney and Orkney Islands Council after five pupils took unwell at the Papdale Halls of Residence in Kirkwall yesterday, Wednesday, 26 January 2022.

“Two young people remain in hospital however medical staff have said their conditions are not causing concern at this time.

“A joint investigation is ongoing to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident and enquiries are ongoing.”

We are asking for parental support to assist in dealing with this situation and want to stress that this is not about punishment, this is about the health and wellbeing of our young people at this time.

We are appealing for parents and carers to ask their children if they have in their possession an unknown substance, in particular a clear capsule that may contain a brown or other coloured liquid.

It is important that anyone with such a capsule, hands it over to their parents, the school, an appropriate adult or the police and not to ingest it.

It’s vital that we all work together to ensure our young people are made aware of the potential dangers of taking substances that they are not familiar with.

We will be working with the Police, NHS Orkney and the Orkney Drugs Dog charity to further educate and engage with students throughout Orkney schools about the dangers of substance misuse.

We would really appreciate any assistance parents and carers can provide.

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