Letters: “Lies” “Denials” “Apologies”

Dear Orkney News,

I never thought I’d say it……Good For Theresa May!

It’s been getting crazier and crazier – lies – more lies – denials – more denials – apologies – more apologies. 

The police are supposed to be there to care for and protect the people, not to be puppets for the high-ups = Fascism.

One man is thrown out of the House of Commons for telling the truth about another man being a liar – and the liar gets to stay where he is, because he’s in power = Fascism.

People, generally, are not allowed to speak up and speak out if they disagree with those in power = Fascism.

Democracy is falling apart in Britain.

I’m asking myself again and again – how is that **** still in office?  And there is more to come – the edited bits.

Then – Theresa May – dyed-in-the-wool Tory, does this….. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ql38DgYmMI

Meanwhile – Crocuses and miniature Irises are flowering in the garden – Nature – just getting on with it.

I’ll try to learn some lessons in having a long-term perspective, and not let the present chaos take me into the Badlands.

Yours, Bernie Bell Orkney

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