Thinking Aloud – Again

By Bernie Bell

I had an email from a friend in America asking if the Covid situation is better in Britain, as she’s seen that restrictions have been eased or lifted – a lot.  She’s thinking logically – unfortunately those in charge, and those blindly following their ‘guidance’ – aren’t.

I replied that I’m afraid that the situation re. Covid isn’t getting better – the lowering of restrictions is some kind of last-ditch attempt by Boris to get some popularity and save his sorry ass. God alone knows why the other leaders are doing it. Probably also to get popularity – the populace are getting fed up with the restrictions and want to ….do what they want to.  Lord preserve us from the random decisions of the populace – that’s where the principle of democracy kind-of crashes.

And what about all those people, all over the world thinking – “Britain is OK now – let’s go there”? 

A recent article in by Fiona Grahame in TON,  presents people with something they don’t appear to be taking on board – the evolution of the Virus.

I know someone who presently has Covid, and she’s beating herself up about how did she catch it, as she really is very sensible and careful. She’s going over and over her movements in the days before she tested Positive. So – I reminded her that it is a virus, and that viruses are little fiends. You just can not be too careful when it comes to dealing with such an enemy. I later sent her the pieces I did in TON about Predators, and Viruses…..

I get the impression that some folk think I’m/we’re being extreme in our approach to this little fiend, but we believe that the only thing to do amid the madness and mess is – assess, and take individual responsibility for our actions.

I’m particularly concerned about the rise in indoor events – large and small.

On Saturday we received an email from our friends in New Zealand – which has done so well, for so long – saying…..

“We are just getting Omicron about to take off. Someone thought it was a good idea last w/e to put on a rock concert, now 8,000 people have been told to get tests ‘cos 100 people have tested positive from it and the numbers are expected to skyrocket. It may be our ‘super spreader event’.”

I have contacted the organizers of certain events – indoor events – asking why they are taking that line of action at this time.  Two have responded – reasonably and fully – and we agreed to differ. The other two – no response.
Hiding head in sand – doing what they want to do, regardless – usual story these days – unfortunately.

Musicians might say that I don’t understand the need for direct contact with an audience.  As a member of the audience – I do understand that listening to recorded music is nothing like being at/part of a live music event, and I very much miss taking part in that reciprocal experience – but – I don’t think it’s worth it, just now.

It very much concerns me that, when a concerted effort to control Covid is needed people are, instead, feeding the virus by providing the perfect situations for it to spread, multiply ….and mutate.

Brace yourselves.

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