Weather Forecast: Bright spells and blustery showers. Cold and windy.

Information from The Met Office.

Today 8th February:

Bright spells and frequent showers, some heavy with hail and possibly thunder. Feeling cold with strong southwesterly winds, touching gale force as heavier showers pass by. Maximum temperature 6 °C.


Clear intervals and further blustery showers. The showers will be heavy at times and turning increasingly wintry later tonight. Strong to gale force southwest winds. Minimum temperature 2 °C.

Wednesday 9th February:

Another cold, windy, showery day. The showers will be heavy at times with hail and sleet mixed in. Some drier, brighter interludes too. Maximum temperature 5 °C.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Cold and potentially very windy on Thursday with wintry showers. Drier, brighter, less windy on Friday and still cold. Becoming cloudy, less cold on Saturday with rain later.

Updated: 04:00 (UTC) on Tue 8 Feb 2022

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