That Was The Year That Was – 2021

By Bernie Bell

On the first of January 2021, Mike and I started a series for The Orkney News called ’One Day At A Time’. 

The idea was to find at least one thing in each day to appreciate, enjoy or admire.

They didn’t have to be spectacular things – just ……pleasing/heartening/encouraging.

Mike took the photos – mostly, and I wrote the words – mostly.

We finished the series on the last day of 2021 – a year of looking for something good, each day, in hard times.

Mike’s now made them into a film/slide-show – and put it on YouTube.  Here it is… set to HD for best effect.

ED’s note: to find the weekly set of pictures and text posted in the Orkney News throughout 2021 please use the search button.

Image Credit: Mike Bell

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  1. Someone I sent the film to thought that it went too fast, so Mike has worked out how to slow it down…..he says….

    “If you click on the little cog-wheel at the right-hand end of the play bar on the YouTube video, you can select a slower playback speed – as slow as a quarter of the original speed. This is also where you can set the video to play in HD (up to 1080p) if it is not doing so already.”

    This stuff is all a mystery to me – so I’ll take his word for it.

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