‘Speaking of Sorrow’ New Exhibition

Works by Amy Beeston

“This exhibition, Speaking of sorrow, presents the opening stages of a series of work responding to these recent times in which I have journeyed in dark places and emerged within the welcome embrace of a supportive community.

“Each collage is assembled from scraps of ‘waste’ material repurposed during my ongoing efforts to lessen the earthly impact of my physical belongings: duplicate photos of loved ones and treasured memories, old wall-posters and art-prints, even packaging from foods and drinks regularly consumed within my household.

“Sharing our tales of grief and loss, perhaps tentatively at first, seems somehow to ripen us as beings. We build our capacity to accept life as it is, to hold sorrow in our hearts and still be present with ourselves and each other, to be aware of and to enjoy each precious moment of now.”

In the windows, Northlight Gallery, Stromness, Orkney, 25 Feb – 10 March 2022

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