‘Taste the Feeling’ ? Coca Cola’s Russian Trade Continues

Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and The Co-op supermarkets have removed The Russian Standard Co’s vodka from their shelves in the UK.

Irn Bru have cut their ties with Russia. Huge drinks giant Coca Cola continues its trade there.

Coca-Cola HBC generated roughly 20 per cent of its sales volumes and profits in 2021 from Russia and Ukraine. It has closed its bottling factory in Ukraine but continues its operation in Russia.

The company said: ‘We will update accordingly when we have greater visibility on the impact of the events in the Ukraine and Russia on our business.’

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company shares have fallen today and were down 5.21 per cent or 87.00p to 1,583.50p this afternoon. 

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  1. I’m against any type of violence of any kind but wry need be carefull that a war dont come to all eu and uk through this

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