“We are deeply concerned about reports of attacks on health facilities and health workers.” WHO on #Ukraine

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is extremely concerned about the reports of attacks on health facilities in Ukraine and the provision of medical supplies to people.

We are deeply concerned about reports of attacks on health facilities and health workers. We have received several unconfirmed reports of attacks on hospitals and health infrastructure, and one confirmed incident last week in which a hospital came under heavy weapons attack, killing four people and injuring ten, including six health workers. We are currently in the process of verifying several other incidents.”

NHS Scotland, as reported previously, has sent medical aid to Ukraine: Scotland Sends More Medical Supplies to #Ukraine

The statement from WHO continues :

“Critical shortages of oxygen will have an impact on the ability to treat patients with COVID-19 and many other conditions. At least three major oxygen plants in Ukraine have now closed and we are seeking ways of accessing oxygen from neighbouring countries and ways to deliver it safely to where it’s needed.

“Mass population movements are likely to contribute further to transmission of COVID-19, potentially increasing pressure on health systems in neighbouring countries. As of [1st March] the UN High Commissioner for Refugees reported that more than 870,000 refugees have left Ukraine and we expect that number to increase rapidly.

“WHO is supporting neighbouring countries to address key health issues among refugees and forcibly displaced persons, including mental health and psychological assistance, as well as treatment for diseases including HIV, TB and cancer. WHO remains committed to meeting the health needs of the people of Ukraine.”

WHO has so far released US$5.2 million from their Contingency Fund for Emergencies. The organisation has calculated that Ukraine’s needs for the next three months are US$45 million for Ukraine and US$12.5 million dollars to support neighbouring countries to care for refugees.

Refugees from Ukraine

Unicef has stated that more than 1 million people have now fled Ukraine, with the number expected to climb to 5 million.

According to the BBC website the UK has granted 50 Ukrainian refugee visas so far.- 1% of the 5,535 people who have applied since the programme launched 48 hours earlier. People are being stopped at Calais. Families turned away.

Click on this link for data on the refugees fleeing Ukraine.

How to donate

Anyone can contribute through the WHO Foundation appeal page, by going to www.who.foundation and clicking on donate.

The Disaster Emergency Committee has launched an appeal specifically for Ukraine. Full details of which are available at Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal | Disasters Emergency Committee (dec.org.uk)

Unicef: donate now to protect children in Ukraine

Ready Scotland is a website supporting humanitarian causes and for making donations in a safe and effective way. 


The latest stats published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) state that globally, as of 5:18pm CET, 4 March 2022, there have been 440,807,756 confirmed cases of COVID-19, including 5,978,096 deaths, reported to WHO. As of 27 February 2022, a total of 10,585,766,316 vaccine doses have been administered.

WHO has also advise that all countries need to proceed with caution as protective measures are relaxed and in some cases removed.

“it’s far too early to declare victory over COVID-19.

“There are still many countries with high rates of hospitalisation and death, and low rates of vaccine coverage. And with high transmission, the threat of a new and more dangerous variant remains very real. We continue to urge all people in all countries to exercise caution, and we urge all governments to support their people to protect themselves and others.

“The only sustainable way out of the pandemic is to reach high vaccine coverage in all countries. Globally, 56% of the world’s population has been fully vaccinated but only 9% of the population of low-income countries. “

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