A Warm Scots Welcome: Support Scheme for #Ukraine Refugees

The Scottish scheme to offer accommodation to refugees from Ukraine is accessed through the UK Government’s online portal.

The Scottish Government’s route removes the need for applicants to be matched to a named individual before they are cleared to travel to the UK through the visa system.

For Ukrainians applying for a UK Visa – which is required by the UK Government’s immigration rules – selecting “The Scottish Government” from the drop-down box in response to the question “Which organisation is sponsoring you?” will direct the applicants to the Scottish scheme.

The process for Ukrainian applicants to apply is this:

  • Go to https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-a-visa-under-the-ukraine-sponsorship-scheme#apply
  • Read the guidance there, then click “apply online”
  • After answering questions about whether you have a Ukrainian international passport, you will reach a page headed “Apply for the Ukraine Scheme”
  • Read the guidance there, then click “Apply now”
  • On the next screen, choose “Ukraine sponsorship scheme”, then “I am being sponsored by an organisation”
  • Click “Save and continue”
  • On the next page, headed “Sponsoring Organisation”, choose “The Scottish Government” from the dropdown box
  • Continue with your application.

Вітання від першого міністра Ніколи Стерджен для українців, які прибувають до Шотландії.

Від імені уряду Шотландії – та народу Шотландії – я щиро вітаю вас, вашу сім’ю та друзів у Шотландії. Я хочу запевнити вас, що тепер ви у безпеці.

Будь ласка, знайте, що до вас будуть ставитися з турботою, гідністю та повагою, незалежно від терміну вашого перебування.

Ми шоковані тим, що сталося з народом України. Ми хочемо допомогти і надати вам підтримку та послуги, які вам потрібні.

Відчиняючи для вас двері, ми також відкриваємо наші серця. Ми пропонуємо вам і вашим близьким не просто притулок, а теплий прийом і допомогу від усіх наших громадян.

Ласкаво просимо до Шотландії – нашого дому, і вашого також, на той термін, який вам потрібен.

The Scottish Government is encouraging Scots to sign up at the Homes for Ukraine portal to provide accommodation.

Safeguarding checks will be put in place by partnership working throughout Scotland between the Scottish Government and – local councils, the Scottish Refugee Council, the NHS, Disclosure Scotland, NGOs, faith groups etc.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“We still believe visas should have been waived for those fleeing the appalling and illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia, but we established this Scottish scheme, embedded within the UK system, to provide help right now to those who need it.

“Our programme will allow significant numbers of people fleeing Ukraine to come to Scotland immediately, and will be able to come to Scotland for safety and sanctuary first.

“To those Ukrainians arriving in our country, I can say we will treat you with compassion, dignity and respect, and I extend a warm welcome to Scotland, our home – and, for as long as you need it, yours too.”

Orkney Islands Council is appealing for registered landlords who might be able to provide suitable properties for Ukrainian families to come forward. Local people who are intending to register for the scheme should advise the Council that they have registered in order that the Council can collect a list – please email housing@orkney.gov.uk

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  1. “Orkney Islands Council is appealing for registered landlords who might be able to provide suitable properties for Ukrainian families to come forward.”

    No doubt Councillors with empty holiday lets will lead the way.

    And I thought of what used to be St. Peter’s Care Home which is standing empty. It’s near to Stromness and the facilities which the town has to offer. It has multiple individual rooms, a kitchen, and a communal meeting space. It would be perfect, as it would mean that folk coming to a strange place can be with their own people at first, until they get sorted with something more permanent.
    OIC used to own St. Peter’s, apparently it no longer does, but I wonder if the new owners would consider being generous with their property?

    And, are there other publicly owned similar empty properties which could be used to house these desperate people?

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