Ding Dong The Shop Is Back!

By Bernie Bell

(To the tune of ‘Ding-dong the Witch is Dead from ‘The Wizard of Oz’)

Ding dong the shop is back

Which shop’s that?

The Ness shop

Ding dong the ‘triffic shop is back.


It’s filled

With many ‘triffic things

With Tee’s and mugs

And bling

So ring

The bells out.


There’s cards

Not Nick

He’s not for sale!


Snug hats

For when it blows a gale

There’s all you need


A visit to The Ness

Oh yes oh yes oh yes

We’ll see you there!

At the Ness shop


The good old shop

Between two lochs

‘Fraid there’s no brochs


You just can’t tell

What they might find

At The Ness

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!!!!!!

The dig , and the shop, will be happening from the 6th July to the 17th August this year – meanwhile, there’s always the on-line shop…..


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