Aiming Beyond Cancer: Providing White Goods For Folk Receiving Treatment

THAW Orkney is reminding folk of a fund that is still open for a limited period, and which could help households benefit from energy efficient white goods.

The local fuel poverty charity is delivering the OVO-funded Aiming Beyond Cancer (ABC) project in Orkney for Energy Action Scotland, together with Macmillan and CLAN.

The purpose of the project is to offer support to people with an ‘active’ cancer diagnosis. The ABC project enables the provision of a range of energy efficient white goods for vulnerable people – all with a cancer diagnosis – most of whom are not eligible for support from other schemes.

THAW Orkney manager Robert Leslie said:

“Unfortunately heating systems are not part of the project this year, but THAW Orkney can still help folk replace broken or energy inefficient white goods with highly energy efficient white goods as needed, or supply highly energy efficient white goods where these do not exist, for example fridge freezers and tumble dryers or washer-dryers.”

THAW Orkney still has a proportion of its funding left, with the aim of providing up to 30 white goods.

The project is due to close at the end of April after national fuel poverty charity EAS secured funding from OVO (formerly SSE) through the Industry Initiatives strand of the Warm Home Discount obligation.

People are also offered tailored energy advice to ensure reduced energy costs/improved comfort levels.

Often for those with cancer, energy bills rise as patients remain at home during treatment and recovery (meaning that their income levels fall too), as well as the physiological effects of cancer requiring that they stay warmer.  At this time, especially after the energy price cap rise, ABC provides a practical means of ensuring that at a particularly stressful time, energy bills are one less thing for cancer patients and their families to worry about.

In addition to a cancer diagnosis, an individual must be in receipt of a benefit or state pension or have a household income of less than £27,700. If neither of these apply, people will still be eligible for support if they are in fuel poverty. THAW Orkney staff will complete a household assessment to clarify this.

If you feel you would qualify for the ABC project and are already engaged with Macmillan or CLAN in Orkney, then they can refer you to THAW Orkney.

Contacts are

Macmillan Cancer Support Roddy Harper, 888120,  or CLAN Cancer Support (Karen Scott, 873393,

Otherwise, folk are welcome to refer themselves to THAW Orkney by phoning 01856 878388, or emailing

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