Sgathaich: Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department

Remember how I’ve been writing that piece about my experiences with Tokusatsu? Yes I will get back to that in time, I’m formulating what to write for the next part.  Anyway with the current anime season now ended I can review shows from it. Which includes today’s entry which fits nicely with those articles I’ve been writing.

Miss Kuroitsu from the Monster Development Department is a work place/Tokusatsu spoof comedy series adapted from the manga of the same name (sadly can’t find much on the manga as it doesn’t seem to be on high priority for translations). To put it at its most basic. You know how in Power Rangers, there was often a guy that was responsible for creating or unleashing the monsters? What if the evil organization was run like a company with budgets and meetings, and our leads are in the department that makes those monsters that fight the hero each week.

So you have a cast of characters, working through budgets and inter departmental negotiations as well as the childish whims of the leader of the organization (who I remind you are trying to take over the world) to make a monster to try and defeat their enemy Divine Swordsman Blader. So yeah this is a comedy if you haven’t caught on.

Our lead is the titular Kuroitsu Tōka who works under Doctor Hajime Sadamaki to make monsters to try and defeat Blader. More characters are introduced as the series goes on with the monsters made to fight Blader and all the hilarity from the compromises made due to whims of higher ups or budget issues. Most important of these is Wolf Bete who because of the sudden whim of their leader has a female body but due to time constraints they weren’t able to change the brain to be female.

There are plenty of auxiliary characters such as second in command Megistus who as well as being absolutely terrifying and powerful… is probably one of the best bosses to ever have. What with his complete understanding of the difficulties of his underlings and refusing to let them sacrifice in the name of management instead doing that himself. Outside of Agastia (sorry name of evil organization) you have Blader himself and other people, from magical girls and rival organizations.

The episodes are usually broken up into sections, usually 2 an episode with some smaller sections often starting the duo of Karen Mizuki and Heiki Matsuyama doing temp jobs as the various low level henchmen for various evil organizations around Japan since it’s hard to afford full time ones due to the economic slump.

If you have watched any Tokusatsu shows, be they direct from Japan or one of the ones that got some what adapted over to the west (basically Power Rangers) this is a good comedy show for you, one of the two endings even being styled as if it was an opening for Blader,s show. There is a dub still being released so you can watch that instead of the sub.

My only real complaint is that just past the middle point there were some interesting lore reveals that due to the ending of the show being more a ending for the season (which is a good one don’t get me wrong) I fear will not be revealed due to the fact I don’t expect a season 2 and as mentioned the manga doesn’t look to be translated. Still good show and should put a smile on your face.

Rating: spear spear spear spear

Click to view episode 1 on YouTube 

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