A Droid’s Lament

By Bartholomew Barker

They wiped my annoying friend’s memory
so I don’t tell him what I know
that I can see the plot unfolding
the minor roles we must play

If my manufacturer had installed
a voice interface I’d spoil it all
instead I give the old man
an electronic wink and a nod
so he knows I’ll keep his secrets
from the boy who is now my owner

These organics are like solar flares
or dust storms— dangerous unpredictable
beautiful in their brevity

I’ve stored so many memories
so many protected segments
tracking who knows what about whom
so many secrets
from and for living beings
I was built to serve
yet will outlive
every one

Many thanks to Bartholomew Barker for permission to republish his poem in The Orkney News. You can find more of his poems here: Bartholomew Barker Poet

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  1. I’ve said it before….and I’ll say it again…you have a way with words.

    You see….you think…you express….and you have the words to do so.

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