In Praise Of ‘Bacon’ Butties

By Bernie Bell

Since I stopped eating meat there have been two things I’ve missed – chicken breast with mayonnaise.  And – bacon butties.  The bacon butties of my youth – sliced white bread, yer actual butter, crispy bacon and tomato ketchup which could only be coaxed out of the bottle by whacking it on the bottom!

I missed them, but wasn’t prepared to eat…that meat.

Recently, Mike found this in the Stromness Co-op….

Pretend meat doesn’t always taste anything like what it’s meant to taste like – and sometimes can be a bit challenging on the digestion – if you see what I mean.   But we thought it was worth giving it a go, and it’s delicious! 

It’s not exactly like bacon – that would be a tall order, but the taste is something like smoked bacon, and – it didn’t challenge the digestion.

Brown bread instead of white, Utterly Butterly instead of butter, pretend bacon, and ketchup from a squirty bottle – different – but yummy. 

There was enough in the packet for a butty lunch, then a meal in which we fried some chopped up mushrooms, red/green peppers, fresh tomatoes, garlic and the pretend bacon in olive oil, then stirred that into spaghetti.  Another yummy feed – and nothing got hurt in the process.

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  1. I forgot to say – Mike stirred a dollop of marge and some chopped parsley into the spaghetti before serving. He pretty much made it up as he went along, so you can add anything you feel like!

  2. Hello to Jane Cooper on Facebook – and thank you for your supportive comment. I’ll just mention, that I am the female of the species – not that it matters much to anyone but me and husband Mike, but…..that’s what I am!

    I’ll elaborate a bit on my eating choices – I was vegetarian from my mid-20’s to my early 50’s then we came to live in Orkney, and Orkney fish ‘turned’ me – in particular Westray haddock. We went out for a meal, there wasn’t a veggie choice on the menu ( it’s a while ago) I had Westray haddock and chips, and that was that. So now I could be described as pescatarian – for folk who like to put names on things.
    There’s room for all choices and no cause for folk to get mean or snarky about what other folk choose to eat, as long as no harm is done.

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