Images Of Yesnaby

By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

We approached Yesnaby, and we had never seen so many vehicles parked there!   When we saw them we thought … “Oh no, how do we get peace to eat our sandwiches?”  But it looks like most folk turn to the left. They get out of their vehicles, see the Brough of Bigging, Hoy and the Old Man in the distance, and head that way.

So we turned right, following the way to the Broch of Borwick, passing Stromatolite bearing rocks along the way…

Like the sign says – please don’t damage or remove the fossils – once gone, they’re gone for good!

Standing stones, which aren’t archaeological Standing Stones, mark the way which is crossed by a fence of stones and wire which looks like a strung out stone circle..…

Just being arty – title for if it was in the Pier Arts Centre Christmas exhibition…..’Grassy Banks With Shadow’….

A heavily weighted Stoat trap – well, it is windy at Yesnaby!

Approaching the Broch of Borwick, looking along the line of cliffs…..

Then standing across from the Broch, it’s plain to see how nearby erosion is endangering the structure….

……a problem along much of the Orkney coast-line where the sea giveth, and the sea taketh away.

Enough was enough for that day, so we followed the path up the grassy slope and back to the car park, meaning to go all the way to the Broch on another fine day.

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