It’s “Appalling”

By Bernie Bell

I was thinking that the Queen could step in and tell Boris not to send those people to Rwanda. We pay her to run the country, and she doesn’t do much to earn her pay except get dressed up, swan around and live in big houses.  I’m sure she could tell him not to.

I know she’s not supposed to be political – but this isn’t about being political – it’s about  being human. 

Prince Charles has described this transportation of people as being “appalling” and it is – it’s appalling, and inhuman and illegal.

It’s trading in people –  using people as a commodity – which is illegal in Britain. Though illegality appears to be the Modus Operandi of the present British Government.

And there appears to be very little that we, the British public, can do about the situation – a strange thing to say about a Democracy – but that does appear to be the case. 

One thing occurs to me – the airlines which will be transporting these unfortunate people/commodities are Iberojet and the in-appropriately named Privilege Style. 

People could Boycott them. If you’re planning to travel by air to go on holiday, or on business – don’t use these airlines, and let them know how you feel about their proposed involvement in this ‘deal’……..

Also, the  individuals ( I hesitate to use the word ‘people’) transporting the refugees, and the individuals flying the ‘planes will have family and friends who can ask them what they think they are doing?  Why are they taking part in this?  If everyone refused to take part, it couldn’t happen.  Strength in Unity.

Just some thoughts – it’s pretty much all I can do.  Sometimes I feel helpless about what is happening in the world around me – even in the country of which I am a citizen – with a right to vote – something which many of these refugees have never experienced.

Here’s a petition – though this Government appears to eat petitions for breakfast – swilled down with champagne….

Bitter?  Me???

‘Allegories of Migration: Flight, 2021’ by Robinson RR

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  1. OK maybe I should have written ‘Prince Charles is reported to have described………’ But I am angry – and I tend to let rip when I’m angry!

  2. Wednesday morning – and the good news that the first flight to Rwanda has been stopped!!!! For now. Constant vigilance.
    I genuinely, seriously wonder how that man and his cronies are still in power – it looks like he can do anything he likes and get away with it, and, if a law doesn’t suit his purposes he simply gets rid of it. He doesn’t like the European Convention on Human Rights – so threatens to take Britain out of it! Just like Putin did.

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