By Bartholomew Barker

She wore feathers in her hair
and looked perfectly natural.
The plumage matched the color
of her mammalian locks
and subtle avian beauty,
piercing eyes,
aquiline face,
slender limbs,
lithe body.
She’s quite the rara avis,
a species seldom seen.

I’m not trying to imprison her
in some cage for my amusement.
I want to watch her soar,
just not too far away.

So how do I entice her
onto my arm?

A feather in a rock pool on Rousay Image by Martin Laird

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  1. My first thought was…”Try spreading out some nice, ripe grain.”

    That would probably be deemed ideologically incorrect these days.

    Still – it works. Why does a peacock have those tail feathers otherwise?

    To quote Sting – ‘If you love somebody – set them free’.

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