Letters: “weakness and herd mentality ” displayed by Tory MPs

Dear Orkney News,

Watching the supposed resignation speech from Boris Johnson, I could not help but be taken aback by the total lack of self awareness on display. It would appear that his being forced to leave the role of P.M. has absolutely nothing to do with anything that he personally has done or failed to do, it is all down to the weakness of Tory MPs and an attack of herd mentality.

He is correct in his analysis of his Tory colleagues, but the weakness and herd mentality they displayed was in choosing him as a seemingly suitable leader in the first place, not in their belated decision that he should go. The Tories constantly remind the Labour Party of their ownership of Jeremy Corbyn as leader. The Labour Party now must return the favour with interest.

Boris Johnson, former leader of the Conservative Party is the Albatross which must be hung around the necks of Conservatives for generations to come, with the reality of his likeness hanging on the staircase at No 10 Downing Street as a reminder to all who follow him that hubris, venality and self regard are poor foundations on which to build ones legacy, and are a deadly choice for a political party in search of votes.

Jon Southerington, Orkney

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  1. I’ve just sent this out to just about everyone on my address list. I’m not sure if the actual petition link will work in ‘comments’ but – nothing ventured, nothing gained…..


    I don’t send as many petitions, to as many people, as I used to – but I think this one is worth spreading as far and wide a possible.

    Someone I know said….. “I think at the moment he might be Schrodingers prime minister.” https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6dinger%27s_cat



    Dear Bernie,

    Today, Boris Johnson said he intends to resign as Prime Minister, but he wants to carry on until the Conservative Party chooses his replacement. [1] After the damage the last few days have done for the credibility of Westminster and UK democracy, MPs across all parties and the public are saying “enough is enough”. [2]

    That’s why Christine, a 38 Degrees supporter, set up her petition calling on Boris Johnson to leave his post immediately. [3] People are sick and tired of the failures across the Government. The lies, the excuses, the lack of attention on the issues that matter to our lives. Enough is enough.
    So Bernie, can you sign the petition urging Boris Johnson to leave No.10 Downing Street right now. As soon as it hits 100,000 signatures we will hand it in to the Conservative party and let them know exactly what the British public think.

    Campaign created by Christine M
    Sign the petition

    To: UK Government & 1922 Committee
    What: I am appalled that Boris Johnson will be allowed to stay as Prime Minister after he has resigned. I insist that the post is filled by the Deputy Prime Minister to be caretaker PM until voting takes place.
    Why is this important: Boris Johnson should be removed from power to stop him making more unlawful decisions.

    “The proposal for the prime minister to remain in office – for up to three months – having lost the support of his cabinet, his government and his parliamentary party is unwise, and may be unsustainable.

    In such a circumstance, the prime minister maintains the patronage and, of even greater concern, the power to make decisions which power of will affect the lives of those within all four nations of the United Kingdom and further afield. Some will argue that his new cabinet will restrain him. I merely note that his previous cabinet did not – or could not – do so.

    For the overall wellbeing of the country, Mr Johnson should not remain in Downing Street – when he is unable to command the confidence of the House of Commons – for any longer than necessary to effect the smooth transition of government.”
    Sir John Major – Former Conservative Prime Minister

    Read more…

    Sign the petition

    Thanks for being involved,

    David, Robin and the 38 Degrees team

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