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Orkney Soundwaves : Revealing a Tapestry of Rich Stories

A new project utilising the amazing sound archive at Orkney Library and Archive has revealed a rich tapestry of stories recorded over a long period of time.

‘Orkney Soundwaves: Home’ has been developed by Mark Jenkins & Rebecca Marr of Kolekto . What they found in the sound archives was a rich resource of voices recorded on reel-to-reel tapes and cassettes.

Taking as their theme ‘Home’ Kolekto have produced and ‘audio ballad’ which is described as a ‘lyrical and immersive experience.

The full episode will be available from 03 August through your usual podcast channel or on the website but you can catch the trailer here:  podcast platform or on the dedicated website at orkneysoundwaves.wordpress.com

You can follow the project on social media:  instagram and twitter 

The project is supported by the Space through Creative Scotland as part of the Creative Digital Initiative, funded by the Scottish Government.

Image credit Noel Donaldson

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