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The Peedie Retreat “Big Hearted Raffle”

The Peedie Retreat Charity is getting ready to launch  their First EVER “BIG- HEARTED RAFFLE”. The charity have expressed their thanks to all those who have donated and that the prizes are beyond their ‘”wildest hopes and dreams.”

The Peedie Retreat Charity does not underestimate this good will , artists , craftsmen and designers and businesses are giving months of their time to make the prizes so very special and personal for the winners.  After devastating years of COVID financial hardship,  they still put others first and have found it in  their hearts to help make a difference to Orkney people affected by Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis,  by supporting the Peedie Retreat Charity to raise vital funds to help build  “Orkneys Peedie Place of Happiness”. 

Monies raised will help the charity  progress with their ambitions to Build the bespoke Peedie Retreat at Inganess Beach , where short breaks FREE of CHARGE will be available all year round,  for those affected with Cancer or Multiple Sclerosis so they can have a short break with their family friends and loved ones away from the challenges of the medical condition to make treasured memories and feel rejuvenated . ALL Whilst  knowing  it is Orkney  people and businesses that have cared enough and pulled together to make this time happen.


The Tickets are £5 each. A Pre-launch of  ¼ of tickets ONLY will go on sale at The Vintage Rally Sunday the 7th Then the BIG LAUNCH of  ¾ TICKETS WILL BE SOLD from THE PEEDIE RETREAT STALL at COUNTY SHOW on Saturday the 13th


To find out more about The Peedie Retreat click on this link to their Facebook page: The Peedie Retreat

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