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Road Challenge Raises £967.50 for Charity Orkney Drugs Dog

The Orkney Drugs Dog (ODD) Charity has thanked Steven and Maur Kirkness, who raised an amazing £967.50 while taking on this year’s Rust2Rome challenge.

L to R Orkney Drugs Dog handler Kevin Moar, ODD vice-chair Sylvia Robertson, Maur Kirkness, Steven Kirkness, and, at their feet, Zoe the drugs detection dog.

Pictured above is the handover of the cheque at Hatston, with Siggy The Saab 2.

The Rust2Rome challenge saw Steven, Maur, and their specially purchased Saab travel a total of 4,646 miles from Orkney to Rome and back, meeting up with other groups of drivers taking part in the challenge over the course of the journey.

Rust2Rome began on May 15, with Steven and Maur making it back to Orkney at the start of June. However, Siggy had decided the trip from Orkney to Rome was enough and broke down.

But Steven and Maur didn’t leave their trusty Saab behind! They managed to get her back to Orkney at the end of last month.

A diary of their journey can be found on their Facebook page, ‘Siggy The Saab 2 Does Rust2Rome

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