Encouraging Positive Maths Learning #MathsWeekScot

This week, for Maths Week Scotland, the British Youth International College(BYITC) is offering a free introduction to Abacus Maths.

The Glasgow-based education platform is celebrating the opportunity to raise the profile of Abacus training during the annual Maths Week Scotland, which aims to encourage positive Maths learning with a dedicated programme of events for families and schools.

From 26th September – 2nd October, kids can discover a fun and practical way to improve their maths ability with a free live BYITC Supermaths Abacus Maths class and free two-week access to game-based Abacus lessons to test their skills.

Founder of the BYITC Dr Rashmi Mantri said:

“Abacus Maths may seem to be more complex, but it actually speeds up the capacity of children to perform heavy calculations.”

Using the Abacus method, children are taught how to calculate arithmetic sums by visualising an Abacus tool and use their fingers to manipulate imaginary beads. This not only allows them to do rapid mental calculations, but also stimulates cognitive development, improves memory and problem-solving skills, and builds confidence in the classroom and beyond.

Dr Rashmi was inspired to share the learning benefits of Abacus Maths after noticing gaps in her son’s mathematical ability. When then nine-year-old Dhruv was struggling with simple arithmetic, Dr Mantri turned to a humble device she had used in her own childhood to help him.

She said:

“It struck me that his inability to compute a simple sum reflected the actual situation of maths skills in a great many children. I decided to change the way he looked at numbers.

“After learning maths using the Abacus method, Dhruv could do mathematical calculations even faster than a calculator.”

Dhruv’s Abacus Maths learning has been so successful that he has even made television appearances to demonstrate his arithmetic skills, and is still involved in creating content and resources for the BYTIC. In fact, the 16-year-old helped develop the games-based Abacus classes that are on offer during Maths Week Scotland.

The Glasgow-based education platform has also developed the world’s first Abacus Maths e-learning application. Suitable for both desktop and mobile use, the app features a virtual Abacus tool as well as videos, practice questions, classwork and homework so pupils and parents can track their progress.

Children can take part in an online Abacus Maths class and get a two-week access to online games-based Abacus Maths lessons for free when they register between 26th September – 2nd October

To find out more about about Maths Week Scotland click on this link  www.mathsweek.scot

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