A New Track ‘Glencoe’ By SM2

SM2 has continued its success in writing Scottish songs with their latest release, ‘Glencoe’. The group’s previous song, Scottish Highlands was an immediate success and Glencoe is following the same trajectory.

Link: Australian Band Inspired by Scotland

“We knew we had good songs that would speak to Scotland – her beauty and her past, but it has surprised us how warmly they have been received in Scotland and from Tasmania to the Orkney Islands and much further” said Michael Stewart.

The story of Glencoe is about the massacre of Clan MacDonald in 1692 at Glencoe, Scotland. It has been captured in a heartful tribute that brings to life a difficult period in Scottish history.

Vocalist and local teacher, Melissa Pilkington, who sang Scottish Highlands, has again done a beautiful job in resonating that something special – keeping you engaged with the song. Her beautiful voice is matched by a soulful composition, descriptive lyrics and a powerful arrangement, including James Morrisson on drums. The song’s unique sound was engineered by Steve Brady and video produced by Michael Stewart.

SM2 is a song-writing team, that includes Michael Quinn, Steve Brady, Michael Stewart and James Morrisson. 

Click on this link to view the video: Glencoe

Ed’s note – if you do watch the video it is important to note that at the time of the Massacre of Glencoe the two countries of Scotland and England were independent and continued to be so until the Treaty of Union in 1707. They had shared the same monarch since 1603.

You can find out more here: Massacre of Glencoe #OnThisDay

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