‘Enchanted in Edinburgh’: A New Novel

A new author, Yvonne Carse, has recently appeared on the scene with her first novel called “Enchanted in Edinburgh”

The story starts at the Marchmont Estate in Wick, Caithness, during the month of October 1843 with Lady Cynthia Marchmont at first contemplating, and then joining, her first season as a debutante in Edinburgh.

There are very good descriptive passages which describe Edinburgh, Leith, Musselburgh and other places nearby in that time.

In addition the book is full of the intrigue that accompanied a debutant season set against the glittering backdrop of high society Victorian Edinburgh.

As the plot moves on and Cynthia meets the young Lord Sinclair the story takes both a romantic turn and then a twist as romance is  threatened by blackmail and a kidnap plot designed for sabotage.

Prepare to be enchanted!

If you are interested in learning more about his book, or buying a copy, details are available through: Barnes & Noble, Enchanted in Edinburgh

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