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‘Orcadian Stories’ Coming Soon

A new exhibition will feature work by Orcadian artist and photographer Martin Laird to run at the Northlight Gallery Stromness in association with St Andrew’s Fair Saturday in November

The portrait images are of islanders who have been interviewed as part of an upcoming film ‘Orcadian Stories’, funded by Museum and Galleries Scotland and Orkney News Ltd. The film and exhibition are the result of a collaboration between Martin Laird and Fiona Grahame with an original musical score from Eamonn Keyes.

Orcadian Stories are told by islanders today about the organisations, events and work they have done and are still doing in our community. In their own words we hear how those featured have made a difference to our island life and how it has affected them.

The exhibition will be supporting the work of Orkney Rape and Sexual Assault Service. The film which will be out at the end of the year will be available on YouTube, at the local cinema and film festivals across the country.

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