Bin It To Win It With LitterLotto

Keep Scotland Beautiful is launching an App to encourage people to bin their litter with a chance to win in a lottery.

From 1st of November the LitterLotto app is a chance to win a weekly prize pot ranging from £50 to £500.

Visit the LitterLotto website for more information.

To enter, simply use the app to take a picture of litter as you place it in a bin. Each time you submit a new piece of litter it’s another chance to win!

LitterLotto is available globally, with different Jackpot levels wherever you are!

The LitterLotto app is available to download for free on the App Store and Android Store.

The innovative partnership between Keep Scotland Beautiful and LitterLotto aims to encourage more people to bin their litter

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  1. I wonder whether nudging people towards a more responsible litter behaviour could not be done in a more sensible and more environmentally friendly manner.
    Data servers are full of unnecessary photos. Smartphones already come with their own not negligible environmental footprint, some of which “conveniently” outsourced to countries with lax environmental regulations. This is why I am resisting to this day the acquisition of such a device.
    On top of this, all the billions of photos taken use server space. The latter is not always powered by green energy sources.
    Supporting a culture of unnecessary photo taking raises the question whether this initiative is not itself contributing to generating litter… in the form of useless “data litter”.
    The (sensible) vision to achieve a reduction of litter, waste and pollution could be reached in a different way. Personally, this – rather disappointing – approach reminds me a bit of a government who wants to achieve net zero and issues fossil fuel drilling licences for this purpose.

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