Orkney Judo Grading Success

Niall Allison

Orkney Judo held a grading for both their adult and junior members on 15th and 18th September . We are pleased to confirm that 1 adult achieved their 5th Kyu yellow belt and 18 junior members progressed to their next grade.

We had 4 members aged under 8 gain their 1st Kai grade which involves working with a partner with some basic movements to help improve coordination.

In the words of Naomi aged 5 ,

“You have to sit down and fall back and SLAP the mat. We hold hands and jump up and down.”

When describing how she throws someone she said,

” Take your grip. Make a space. Put your leg behind. BIG push. And make them fall over.” 

When demonstrating her hold,

“Put your knee here and this one here. This arm goes under your head. The other arm under their arm and squeeze.  Tap my back when you want me to let go.”

Those over 8 had to successfully demonstrate their breakfall, throwing techniques and pinning. Depending on the grade they are being tested on depends on  the difficulty level. Difficulty isn’t only measured by how complex the techniques are but also by how to safely execute and control it so as not to hurt or injure their training partner. All of them succeeded  competently in their demonstrations and their Japanese translations so attain their new grades.

This grading was the first when Freddie aged 13 and one of our junior members had to demonstrate how to perform armlocks in a safe controlled manner. Only over 14 year old can use armlocks and strangles in free practice or competition. He performed these, his throws and also 4 minutes of some of the best fighting we have had at the club and so Orkney Judo are proud to have their first every 10th Mon junior Green belt.

We only had 1 adult who was able to be graded in Orkney this time. Adults have to complete the same syllabus as the juniors but have to complete 3 junior grades in 1. We have 1 returning adult judoka who has been off the mat since 2004 and is now working on his requirements for his 1st Kyu brown belt. Hopefully he will graded early next year once he has mastered them and learned the new requirement of Kata. We have 3 other adults who are fighting for their next grade of 1st Dan Black belt but they have to attend gradings and competition held on the mainland to further advance themselves.

Orkney Judo would like to thank their sponsors: Pentland Ferries, Cooke Aquaculture, J & W Tait,R Clouston Ltd

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