Thousands March Through Edinburgh Demanding Action on #ClimateChange

Image credit: Neil Hanna Photography

Over 40 events took place across the UK yesterday, 12th November, to demand action on climate change. Several thousand people marched through the streets of Scotland’s capital city, Edinburgh.

The march was organised by the Edinburgh Climate Coalition, Climate Justice Coalition, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Global Justice Now, Extinction Rebellion Scotland, Tipping Point, BankTrack, Jubilee Scotland, Scot.E3.

Film footage credit Ric Lander:

Friends of the Earth Scotland head of campaigns Mary Church commented,

“As world leaders gather once again to negotiate the future of humanity, thousands of people are marching to demand solutions to the climate crisis that put people and the planet first.

“The solutions to climate change are within grasp and only require the political will to deliver them urgently. Governments need to stop prioritising the demands of big polluters and start listening to the people instead. Putting an end date on oil and gas well within the decade, with a just transition to reliable, affordable renewables will help tackle the cost of living crisis as well as slashing emissions.

“There can be no climate justice without human rights, yet governments around the world including here in the UK are clamping down on civic space. We stand in solidarity with those already experiencing the impacts of climate breakdown and with the people of Egypt who are being denied their human rights by a brutal regime. We support the call of the Egyptian human rights movement for the release of all those who are being unjustly detained including British citizen and human rights defender Alaa Abd El Fattah who is on hunger strike in prison.”

Image credit Ric Lander

A wide range of people took part in the march joining those across the world.

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  1. In my childhood, young people were terrified into believing that a nuclear war was inevitable and we would all die in a fiery holocaust.
    Climate change is the new bogy man for these free thinkers to get their teeth into.
    At least it gets them into the fresh air.

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