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Mànran at Hoolie in the Hydro

Orkney’s Aidan Moodie and Marcus Cordock are set to make history this winter, when they perform as part of Mànran at the world’s biggest ever ceilidh taking place at The Ovo Hydro, Glasgow on Saturday 17th December 2022. 

At The Hoolie in the Hydro Mànran will be taking part in one of the biggest night’s of traditional music with Scotland and Irelands’ top musicians.

Aidan Moodie, who has recently been shortlisted for the BBC Young Traditional Musician of the Year competition, said:

“I’m totally thrilled to be a part of Hoolie in the Hydro — it’s going to be such a momentous event for the traditional music community, musicians and fans alike, and I can’t wait to perform in such an iconic Glasgow venue. It’ll take a while to sink in!”

Mànran have released three award-winning studio albums, have toured the world playing in over 33 countries, and are renowned for their spell-binding live performances. Having recently celebrated a decade on the Scottish music scene, the seven-piece show no signs of slowing down as they continue to push boundaries and explore new musical and geographical territory each year.

Marcus Cordock said:

“Hoolie in the Hydro is set to be a historic night for traditional music and it’s incredible to be involved in something so epic alongside Aidan, Gary, and the rest of the band!”

Marking the first time an arena has been hired by an individual in the UK to showcase a night completely dedicated to traditional music, Hoolie in the Hydro will be an important night for bands and musicians on the traditional music scene. 

The showcase will be a watershed moment, with organiser Gary Innes hoping it will be the beginning of something very special. 

He said:

 “I can’t wait to make history at The Ovo Hydro with some of the country’s best and most celebrated musicians. It’s a chance not only to bring audience members together for an iconic night of music and dancing, but to celebrate the incredible talent of the Scottish and Irish traditional music scene. We have amazing musicians joining in from all over Scotland, including my talented Mànran bandmates Aidan Moodie and Marcus Cordock.”

Sparked by a Facebook post by musician and BBC broadcaster Gary Innes in early 2020, this unique concept has grown in momentum with unequivocal support from individuals both at home and abroad. 

The idea first hatched in January 2020 after Gary reached 20,000 likes on his Facebook Page. To celebrate, he put out a slightly tongue in cheek post which said if half of the people who had ‘liked’ his page bought a ticket for the Hydro, they could have the world’s biggest ceilidh. The likes, shares and support for the idea started flooding in so he decided to properly research and scope the idea, meeting with the venue and further gauging people’s interest. The feedback was resoundingly positive so in early March 2020, Gary went ahead and booked Scotland’s largest indoor venue.

Hoolie in the Hydro went on sale in December 2021 and thousands snapped up tickets before a line-up was even announced.

Hoolie in the Hydro will take place on Saturday 17th December 2022 and tickets are on sale now at: www.sec.co.uk/events/detail/hoolie-in-the-hydro 

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  1. It may seem unlikely, as he’s mostly seen as being a Traditional musician, but I’d like to hear Aidan Moodie sing ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince.

    He has an extra-ordinary voice – which would express the song well. You never know….

    And Marcus – Bay City Rollers to Manran – funny old life!

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