Smyrna: ‘The story that shall not be forgotten’

The critically acclaimed award winning Greek film Smyrna is set during the 1922 Turkish occupation of the city. Local Greek and Armenians were massacred.

To mark the centenary of the tragedy there is to be a UK showing of the film in Odeon cinemas on December 4th.

Smyrna stars Susan Hampshire CBE and three-time Emmy Award winner (Vanity Fair, Monarch of the Glen), Jane Lapotaire (Downton Abbey, Rebecca) and Rupert Graves (Room with a View, Sherlock, Emma

Written by Mimi Denissi in collaboration with 2-time Tony Award nominee, Martin Sherman,  SMYRNA has won 6 Hellenic Academy Awards including Best Cinematography.

The film is directed by Grigoris Karantinakis with an international cast including Mimi Denissi, Leonidas Kakouris, Burak Hakki, Katerina Geronikolou, Jane Lapotaire, Susan Hampshire, Rupert Graves, Christos Stergioglou and Daphne Alexander. 

SMYRNA was produced by Dionyssis Samiotis, alongside Executive Producers Joseph Samaan and Mimi Denissi. In the U.S., promotional partners include AHEPA, Antenna 1 Satellite (ANT1) and Papadopoulou.  Film Bridge International is overseeing international sales for the film.

coming to select theaters nationwide on December 4, 2022, tickets are available at participating Odeon cinemas.

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