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Strike Action by Teachers

Schools across Scotland will be affected with strike action on Thursday 24th of November by members of the largest teachers union, the EIS.

Two more days have now been added to the industrial action.

Tuesday 10th January 2023, the EIS will call all its Primary, Special Schools (Primary and Primary/Secondary), and Early Years teacher members across Scotland to take another day of strike action.

Wednesday 11th January 2023, all EIS members in Secondary and Special Schools (Secondary only), and all Associated Professionals, will be called to take a further day of strike action.

EIS General Secretary Andrea Bradley said:

“All EIS members in all of Scotland’s schools will be called upon to take strike action next week unless a fair pay offer is made in time.

“Following this, the EIS has allowed for a period of further negotiation up until the Christmas break, giving yet another opportunity for an agreement to be reached.

“Should no acceptable offer be received from employers by this time, our members will be called to take further strike action on two days in early January. The ball is very much in the court of COSLA and the Scottish Government – only an improved and acceptable offer can prevent strike action and an escalation to further action in this dispute.”

A meeting of the SNCT (Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers) which is made up of teachers’ organisations, local authorities and the Scottish Government failed to achieve anything when no new offer was presented from the employers side.

Andrea Bradley said:

“In fact, this meeting simply went round the houses in areas that have been covered many times before, with still no improvement to the 5% offer that Scotland’s teachers overwhelming rejected in a ballot some three months ago. Scotland’s’ teachers – and Scotland’s young people – deserve far better from COSLA and the Scottish Government.”

Orkney Schools Affected on November 24th

Burray: School closed, Nursery closed.
Dounby: School closed, Nursery open.
Eday: School open, Nursery open.
Evie: School closed, Nursery closed.
Firth: School closed, Nursery closed.
Glaitness: School closed, Nursery open.
Hope: School closed, Nursery closed.
North Ron: School closed.
North Walls: School open, Nursery open.
Orphir: School closed, Nursery closed.
Papay: School open, Nursery open.
Papdale: School closed, Nursery open.
Rousay: School open, Nursery open.
St Andrews: School closed, Nursery closed.
Shapinsay: School partially open – open for P1 to P4 until 1pm. School closed all day for P5-7. Nursery open until 1pm.
Stenness: School closed, Nursery closed.
Stromness Primary: School closed, Nursery open.
Sanday: School closed, Nursery closed.
Stronsay: School closed, Nursery closed.
Westray: School closed, Nursery closed.
Kirkwall Grammar: Closed.
Stromness Academy: Closed.
Strynd Nursery: Open
Willow Tree: Open

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