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Epilepsy in Orkney, Share Your Views

Epilepsy Scotland is seeking the views of people with epilepsy who live in Orkney to help the charity better understand the needs of the epilepsy community in the Islands.

Click on this link to access the survey: Epilepsy in Orkney

In October 2022, Epilepsy Scotland held a successful roadshow event at The Pickaquoy Centre in Kirkwall to help raise awareness of the charity’s national services to the estimated 230 Orcadians living with epilepsy.

In order to continue to work with Orkney Islands Council and national parliamentarians to increase awareness and understanding of epilepsy, the charity is looking to fully understand the experiences and challenges of people with the neurological condition in Orkney.

The Scottish epilepsy charity has launched a survey to help them advocate for improved services and support for people with epilepsy living in Orkney.

Epilepsy Scotland are also looking for friends or family members of someone living with epilepsy in Orkney or someone who works with people with epilepsy in Orkney (i.e. a teacher, health professional, employer, etc), to complete their short survey.

Epilepsy Scotland Policy & Communications Manager, Ross Cunningham, said:

“We would encourage anyone living with epilepsy in Orkney to take part in this survey so Epilepsy Scotland can better understand the challenges people are facing and whether they feel there is enough awareness of epilepsy and support available across the Orkney Islands.

“Following on from our successful roadshow event in Kirkwall last October, we are eager to continue to advocate for improved services and support for people living with epilepsy in Orkney and to work with elected representatives to achieve that.

“The mission of Epilepsy Scotland is to work with people living with epilepsy to ensure their voice is heard and that is what we wish to achieve for people living in Orkney through this survey.”

To complete the survey click here.

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