Christmas Past: The Ba of 1949

Some might dream of a White Christmas but in 1949 Orkney had a very stormy Christmas time.

On Christmas Day there was thunder, lightning and heavy rain. As the day progressed the winds got ever stronger to gale force.

The Wednesday before Christmas saw Kirkwall plunged into darkness for four and a half hours due to a power cut in the town.

The weather did not deter the players in the Christmas Day Ba in both the Boys and Mens games.

The Boys Ba went to the Doonies after only 37 minutes. There was a big gathering of spectators who saw it won by Tom Heddle, son of Mr and Mrs Heddle of Slater Street.

The Mens Ba was over two hours of a ‘dour’ struggle. Again the Ba went to The Doonies. The Uppies had fought back but at a little over three in the afternoon the Ba was tossed into the Basin.

“Davie Keldie took a header into the water, and Jackie Miller and Davie Flett followed. Jackie got to it first, and brought it out to Walter Scott, haulage contractor Willowburn Road, who received the usual triumphal shoulder hoisting.

Ref Orkney Herald and Advertiser, December 27th 1949
Image credit Martin Laird

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