6 Years of Publishing Celebrated by The Orkney News

Today, 1st of February, The Orkney News is celebrating 6 years of being in business, bringing news, stories and information to Orkney.

The Orkney News is a not for profit community online media source and because of that our reach goes well beyond our islands. Our readership is truly global.

We thank all our readers and contributors for supporting us. Publishing has never been an easy business but for us 2020 and the Covid lockdown was a boom time when many more people came to us for information and the stories we provide free.

If you would like to subscribe there is a button on the website – it is free to do so and you never miss an update. If you want to contribute to supporting us with a donation, there’s a wee button for that too.

We’re looking forward to lucky 7.

I think that the digital media are interesting enough in their own right to be worth originating something in.

Douglas Adams

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  1. As a non Orcadian,, I thank your team for the many fascinating and often intrigueing articles published.

  2. Congratulations on the anniversary. A interesting, diverting and insightful resource I never tire oreading. May you go from strength to strength in the years ahead.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary. I look forward to reading your emails everyday as they connect me to the place where my Great Grandfather was born. I particularly enjoyed the pieces by a Mrs. Bell which showed the landscape of the island. She hasn’t posted recently.
    Again congrats

    • Thank you – appreciation is always appreciated!

      When I saw that it’s 6 years since The Orkney News started, I thought of Bob Marley’s words – “Good friends we have, oh, and good friends we lost along the way.”

      A difference of opinion, and I walked away.

      Since July last year I’ve been writing a blog instead – in which I some post walks that we do , for example….. http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp?blogid=16084

      I have to admit that that walk knocked me back quite a bit, but for the fit and soople – it’s a fine walk.

      My pieces have also been posted in ‘Frontiers’ the on-line magazine of the Orkney International Science Festival, for example… https://frontiersmagazine.org/images-of-hoxa/

      Thanks again – your comment has picked me up in a down time.

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