Muscles, Bones or Joints Injuries: Check Out NHS Inform

NHS 24 is promoting new musculoskeletal (MSK) resources and advice on Scotland’s health website NHS inform. The updated information explains how to manage common MSK conditions and injuries, such as back pain, twisted ankles and knee problems, as well as details on when to see further medical help if needed

Laura Neil, Lead for Allied Health Professions at NHS 24 explained,

“If you have sustained an injury due to a fall for example, or you have an ongoing condition that affects your muscle, bone or joints – NHS inform should be your first point of reference for accurate and trusted advice. This fantastic resource is available 24/7 and is regularly reviewed by clinicians to ensure that all guidance is relevant and up to date.

“Many MSK injuries or conditions are not serious, but they can be painful and debilitating in the short term. NHS inform’s MSK resources includes guidance on appropriate self-care, such as pain relief and exercises, so you can safely manage the problem at home. Each page also has advice on when to look for further help if you need it and how to access MSK services in your area.

“In just a few clicks, this excellent MSK advice is all instantly available. If you are currently managing a problem or injury with your muscles, bones or joints, I highly recommend you visit NHS inform which should give you all the advice you need to get on the path to recovery.”

NHS 24’s 111 service receives on average around 12,000 calls per month regarding MSK conditions. Approximately 20% of calls result in self-care advice, where the condition can be effectively managed at home without the need to further consult a health professional.

NHS inform’s updated MSK pages included self-management advice for the ankle, back, calf, elbow, foot, hip, knee, neck, shoulder, thigh, as well as the wrist, hand and fingers. It provides information on a range of MSK conditions such as ankle sprains and sciatica and has a range of exercises to help alleviate symptoms and aid movement and strength.

Click on this link for more information on NHS inform’s MSK pages –

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