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More Success For Orkney Judo Grading

Niall Allison (Secretary and  Assistant Coach UKCC Level 2 at Orkney Judo)

Members of Orkney Judo Club with their certificates of grading

The last week of March saw Orkney Judo once again hold a club grading for our members. Students show the examiners that they have understood and proficiently learned the techniques they have been taught over the last few months. All those presenting for grading had to perform throwing, pinning and escape techniques and combine attacks as well as demonstrating their ability to use these techniques during “randori” or a free fighting scenario.

We are pleased to announce that two adult judokas have successfully demonstrated everything they were asked and have therefore attained their next Kyu or coloured belt.

Due to the technical ability required to gain some of the higher junior grades not everyone was ready to be graded this time. We are certain that by the next grading the techniques will be proficiently demonstrated. Ten of our juniors met their grading requirements and have therefore gained their next Mon promotion. Of these ten we are extremely happy to be able to promote five of them to their next colour belt.

Inside the club we can only promote members as high as 1st Kyu or 18th Mon. For members to gain their Dan grades they need to attend national or regional dan grading events or national competitions. They must complete a “Skills Examination” as well as demonstrating their ability during “shiai” or competitive fighting against opponents of the same grade who are wanting to win the contest to assist in their own grading pursuit.

We are pleased to say that we now have 4 of our adult members who have passed their “Skills Examination” and have points towards their 1st Dan, but Orkney Judo has its first beginner to 1st Dan in Niall Allison who gained the last points towards the 100 needed at the Scottish National Dan Grading event held in Motherwell on 2nd April and gained his 1st Dan Black Belt.

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