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20 is Plenty for Island Schools

Orkney Islands Council is proposing to create a variable 20mph speed limit on sections of roads outside of island schools.

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The roads affected would be:

  • B9063, Eday for a distance of 357m.
  • B9046, Flotta for a distance of 253m.
  • Howar Road, North Ronaldsay for a distance of 433m.
  • B9047, North Walls for a distance of 420m.
  • School Road, Papa Westray for a distance of 362m.
  • B9064, Rousay for a distance of 400m.
  • Airfield Road, Sanday for a distance of 317m and School Road, Sanday for a distance of 172m.
  • B9059, Shapinsay for a distance of 346m.
  • B9060, Stronsay for a distance of 305m.
  • B9066, Westray for a distance of 300m and Noup Road, Westray for a distance of 210m.

OIC will be making an Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 which would create a variable twenty miles per hour speed limit on those sections of road.

Objections to the proposals, specifying the grounds on which they are made, should be sent in writing to the Director of Neighbourhood Services and Infrastructure, Orkney Islands Council, Council Offices, Kirkwall, Orkney KW15 1NY or by email to developmentandinfrastructure@orkney.gov.uk not later than 5pm on Friday 26 May 2023.

Road Traffic Accidents in Scotland

In Scotland as a whole 140 people were killed in road accidents in 2021, (latest statistics) and 1,615 people were recorded as seriously injured.

In 2021, two fifths of all reported injury road accidents (1,524: 39%) were on non-built up roads (speed limit of more than 40 m.p.h.). However, such roads accounted for a higher proportion of fatal accidents (93: 69%), partly because speeds tend to be higher on non built-up roads than on built up roads.

There were 494 reported child casualties in 2021, representing 10% of the total number of casualties of all ages. There were five child fatalities, 140 children were seriously injured, and 349 were classified as slightly injured. 

Reported casualties by mode of transport and age group, 2021. 

Reported casualties by mode of transport and age group, 2021.
Reported casualties by mode of transport and age group, 2021.

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