Walking Orkney, Muddiesdale, Kirkwall

This short walk in Kirkwall has plenty for you to see and hear.

The entrance to the walk at Muddiesdale with sipaly board explaining the route and what you might see

There is a very small parking space at this entrance which is really good for people who wish to take this walk who have mobility issues. There’s only just enough space for two cars so if you have no need to park so close please leave this area for others – there are plenty of parking spaces nearby in the Pickaquoy/Glaitness car parks.

If parking at Pickaquoy you can access the road to the walk by a path at the side of the Rugby Club premises. Be aware that this road has cars and some construction traffic using it. There’s a lot of new building happening in this part of Kirkwall but there’s plenty to see – on one side, big diggers and on the other planting in the burn.

At the entrance to Muddiesdale there is a display board with some examples of what you might come across if you are quiet enough .

Display board at Muddiesdale

As you can see you can take this walk right up to 1. Wideford Hill or you can bend back around at 2. Sunnybank and walk down into Kirkwall. That’s if you want 1. a more challenging walk or 2. a longer walk but still across easy pathways.

A stroll through the woods is popular with most folk, walk, wheeling and/or cycling.

There are paths being laid for the new houses going up and all the paths in through the woods are well maintained.

It is when you leave the main path and go onto the smaller side paths or into the trees that you will see the best flowering plants. And at this time of year, May, the air is filled with bird song.

There is one seat near the little bridge which you cross over to get to the other path.

the yellow gorse in full bloom

At this point the path leaves the wooded area and runs up the side of the Kirkwall Golf course. The walk is steeper and narrower taking you up to Sunnybank.

looking across one of the holes at Kirkwall golf course

It is from this path that you can appreciate how much Kirkwall is growing. From this point you can walk back into Kirkwall or climb the steeper path that leads up to Wideford HIll

Sandwick Stroller

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