Sgathaich: Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Sgathaich, an old woman with long hair and wearing a crown

I think it’s time for something cute, something cuddly… and not just because someone I know watches a lot of Vinland Saga and the events of Gundam the Witch from Mercury have gotten heavy. So, let’s just watch this show and get the warm fuzzies.

So yes, another Isekai with an OP protag where barely (pun obviously intended) anything is a threat. There’s a lot of them and its basically all for escapist fantasy. Worlds on fire, we’re lonely and not so secretly wish to be whisked away to a fantasy world where we feel appreciated. That’s what I assume is why people tend to like Isekais.

Ok genera issues over let’s talk about the show itself

head shot of cute girl in her bear onesie

15 Year old Yuna a NEET spends most of her time playing a MMO (I have still yet to be Isekaied into FF14 at time of writing) when a god, who is also the admin of the MMO she plays, ports her into the world she based the MMO on with a super powerful Bear onesie. Her main attacks are all bear themed. She has Bear magic and can summon two large and adorable bears which she often uses to ride into battle.

To say there is a plot is rather inaccurate. It really is just Yuna going about for whatever reason and sometimes things happen. Often her making friends or just having wanted something leads into a small adventure, exposing corruption, maybe fighting a small army or big monster. Usually, people assuming she’s a bear or some nut because of the bear onesie she constantly wears (it’s apparently self-cleaning).

There really isn’t much to it. No complex conspiracy to overthrow (those last a single episode and aren’t too complex) no grand season long villain or looming apocalypse. Just the cute tales of the bear girl and her friends. Sure you get lots more cuteness as Yuna ends up with a fan club or when the orphans of the town start working at a bear themed restaurant in bear themed outfits

Yuna is a very chill person and only once really got angry. She’s not out to make a change to the world it just kind of happens. She ends up saving a town just because she wanted seafood, for example, doesn’t stop her from wanting to help the people but the original reason is still there.

Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear is a very relaxed watch for people. It’s a nice warm fuzzy anime that at difficult times lets you just hug a large teddy bear and sometimes that’s all we need.


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