Water Scarcity Warning

map of Scotland with most areas affected by water scarcity
SEPA (1st June 2023)

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA, has issued a water scarcity warning. No rain is expected in the next week and very little is forecast for the next few weeks. The water scarcity situation is expected to escalate quickly, and extend across a much wider area, in the coming weeks.

Orkney is at the Early Warning stage.

low water levels at Stenness Loch shows the edge of the loch very dry

SEPA Advice for water users

Water sources used for irrigating farmland are at risk of becoming limited in the Alert areas. We are urging farmers in these areas, especially if taking water from burns and small rivers, to:

  • Routinely check equipment isn’t leaking;
  • Only use the water required for the use;
  • Consider water saving measures for next irrigation season.
  • Managers of golf courses are asked to do the same.

Click on this link for more advice and information: Water scarcity

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