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On 25th June 1967 the first global satellite television program: “Our World” broadcast. It featured 19 acts representing 19 nations including The Beatles singing “All You Need Is Love”.

1st colour image of Earth from ATS, Nov 10 1967

National broadcasters from fourteen countries around the world, coordinated by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), participated in the program. The two-hour event, which was broadcast on Sunday 25 June 1967[a] in twenty-four countries, had an estimated audience of 400 to 700 million people, the largest television audience up to that date. Four communications satellites were used to provide a worldwide coverage, which was a technological milestone in television broadcasting. Wikipedia

The Science Museum states;

“On 25 June 1967, the BBC’s Our World television programme used satellites to broadcast live images to millions of viewers around the globe.

All over the floor sat assorted representatives of the Flower Power generation, including Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithfull and Eric Clapton, dressed in rainbow colours and holding placards proclaiming peace and love. Above the crowd at EMI’s Abbey Road studios, seated on high stools, were the members of Britain’s global pop sensation, the Beatles.

However, this was no sit-in to protest the Vietnam War, then at its height. The mop-tops from Liverpool were preparing to give the first public performance of ‘All You Need is Love’, subsequently a hit single on both sides of the Atlantic. 

The song had been commissioned by the BBC to represent Britain in the first ever simultaneous, worldwide live broadcast.”

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