Sgathaich: Gundam The Witch From Mercury.

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Ok now you may be thinking “didn’t I already review this” well yes but that was just the first half, and now we have the second one so with that and the prologue we have the entirety of this series to look over.

Going into the second half of the show I was both excited and incredibly nervous. I had grown very attached to the characters and know what kind of show Gundam is so was expecting horrible things to eventually happen, especially after what occurred during the finale of the first half.

Yet I had to continue. Gundam The Witch From Mercury had become one of those shows with its first half that everyone had to see. So, with all its world building and small reveals building up this second half is where the plot threads were to come together. Who shall live? Who shall Die? who shall Rise? who shall fall? and most importantly, will the two leads be a happily married gay couple by the end of it… and alive.

gundam in the mobile suit

Well, I’m not telling you here, which makes reviewing this hard as to talk about those elements too much would give away spoilers… assuming you weren’t on social media where everyone in my feeds were bringing up major plot elements every time they showed up.

I will say some elements. The plot thread of the Witches from Earth who were essentially the mid-season bosses come back right away in the first episodes of the second half. This contrasts to the fact that Suletta and Mirone don’t meet back up until the 4th episode while the 3rd covers what has happened to Guel, who outside the two leads receives the most character development.

This half of the series really hits the emotions harder, there were some times I couldn’t sit and just watch the new episode but waited till there was a second one to watch just in case the cliff-hanger was too painful (and yes some were). Sometimes I couldn’t bring myself to watch the next episode at all and had to push myself. But when the final episode came around I got to watching it as soon as possible, I wanted to see what became of these characters and I’m very happy with the result.

While some people have said they don’t like the ending I’m fine with it, it did feel a little rushed as some plot threads didn’t get a proper resolution, but a bad ending is one that ruins all that came before and this did not.

Ultimately this has made Gundam The Witch From Mercury as the best modern Gundam series, the best one in a long time. It does quite heavy go against a lot of what normally Gundam goes for but you can still feel the spirit of what’s there so isn’t just another show using Gundam designs like G Gundam was. (Oh, I could rant about why I don’t like that one).

Bandai’s own financial reports have shown just how successful Witch from Mercury has been in the sales so I wouldn’t be surprised if they dip their toe in this continuity again. But I feel if they do, it should be a new cast. Sulleta and Miornes story is done and I don’t want to see their ending ruined. But I wouldn’t mind seeing them again now and then, those two are so cute together.


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