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Grant Scheme for Small Scale Community Led Projects.

Orkney Islands Council is seeking applications to its Community Led Local Development (CLLD) Grant scheme from this week.

The Community Led Local Development (CLLD) fund is an annual grant allocation to Orkney from the Scottish Government and acts as a replacement to the previous LEADER funding Orkney received.

Bids are being sought from community groups within Orkney who want to make a difference through small-scale community-led projects.

The Orkney Local Action Group (Orkney LAG) delivered the LEADER Programme in the county and will also oversee the CLLD funding allocation for Orkney of £80,000 Revenue and £25,000 Capital in 2023/24.

Orkney LAG will accept expressions of interest from community groups from 17 July until closing at 5pm on 31 July.

Those with projects suitable for funding will then be invited to complete an application form which will be due to be submitted by the 28 August.

Applicants are likely to know the outcome from the LAG meeting by 18 September.

The CLLD Programme can support revenue and capital project costs based on the following criteria:

  • Creating sustainable public services – grants from £2,000 up to £7,000 for projects which support sustainable public services, such as enabling mainland based third sector groups to provide outreach services and to deliver their services or activities to rural areas and the isles. Applications may also be considered from isles based groups wishing to participate in existing collaborative projects on a trial basis. Grants can cover up 100% of eligible revenue costs. Capital costs can be covered up to a maximum of £5,000.
  • Transforming the economy to deliver net zero – grants from £2,000 up to £7,000 for projects designed to support net zero, such as increased recycling, upcycling, waste reduction and community growing projects. Feasibility studies and pre-project activity may also be eligible. Grants can cover up 100% of eligible revenue costs. Capital costs can be covered up to a maximum of £5,000.

Projects must be Orkney based and only constituted community/voluntary not for profit organisations with a registered bank account that will be eligible to apply.

Applications will not be considered from individuals, sole traders, organisations outwith Orkney, religious or political organisations, or private business.

Expression of interest forms are available at www.orkney.gov.uk/CLLD.

For further information please contact a CLLD Officer at CLLD@orkney.gov.uk.

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