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Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS : Invite the Artists to Play in Your Local Community, Church, Bar, Garden or Club

Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS are part way through a sailboat tour, they have been to the Faroe Islands and arrive in Shetland tomorrow, 25th July. They will be moored at Kirkwall on 30th July.

Yann Tiersen QUINQUIS Ninnog credit Maite Fernandez Alonso on board the sailing ship
Image credit Maite Fernandez Alonso

A big part of this tour is looking to do things differently, and throughout the tour they have been asking communities to invite them to perform at pubs, clubs, beaches and community centres as they pass through. Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS is looking for a venue for them to play on 30 July before they travel towards Findhorn.

You can get in touch at ninnog@greennet.org.uk if you have a venue suggestion. It could be a pub or community hall, or even your front room.

Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS have embarked on a unique summer tour that has so far seen the two Breton artists travel from their home in Ushant to Ireland and up to the Faroe Islands, for a tour of Celtic lands.

On their sailboat Ninnog – named after a medieval mother superior, who travelled from Wales to Brittany becoming a protector of women and a champion of sustainability and forestry – they will continue their journey down to Scotland this month with a new series of dates that includes community centres, ecovillages, and a record shop as well as more traditional venues – full details below.

Read the tour manifesto to find out more about their aims, and watch a short film about the tour here

The tour is intended as a direct political statement on the ecological impact of large scale touring, inviting us to examine established methods of touring and performance.

With several shows already booked over the summer, the artists have invited communities to suggest places for them to perform along the route – churches, communes, pubs, squats, beaches and gardens – with the aim of offering an alternative way to experience performance, for both the audience and the artists.

25 July – Shetland, Lerwick, The Bop Shop (QUINQUIS)
26 July – Shetland, Lerwick Acoustic Stage (YANN TIERSEN)
26 July – Shetland, Hymhus Bigton (Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS)
28 July – Shetland, Fair Isle – Community Centre (Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS)
2 Aug – Findhorn, Universal Hall, Findhorn Foundation (Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS)
8 August – Edinburgh, Liquid Room (Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS)
22 August – Liverpool, 24 Kitchen St (Yann Tiersen & QUINQUIS)
25 August – Wales, Ara Deg (Yann Tiersen)
26 August – Wales, Ara Deg (QUINQUIS) 

YANN TIERSEN will release Kerber Complete, a box set that collates four very different versions of his 2021 album, Kerber – out 15 September 2023 on CD and digitally via Mute.

Listen to a newly recorded piano version of ‘Ar Maner Kozh’: https://youtu.be/yGkk6DOQBOY

Yann Tiersen QUINQUIS Ninnog credit Maite Fernandez Alonso on board the sailing ship
Yann Tiersen QUINQUIS Ninnog credit Maite Fernandez Alonso

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